Ever wondered how many open child care spots are available right now? Or what type of care families are looking for at any given moment? Or what true capacity looks like across a community (hint: it’s not licensed capacity)?

To move the needle in child care, it’s essential to look at real-time data. Kinside’s Market Insights Reports offer a view into the real-time supply and demand data that helps our partners make important decisions in the field and continue to advocate for programs and create data-driven solutions.

Join a community of early childhood advocates working hard to create a more equitable and data-driven future for the industry and their communities. Get data insights, learn what other partners are doing to effect change in their communities, and stay up-to-date with Kinside’s movements.

Where our real-time data comes from

Kinside works with licensed child care centers and family homes, providing no-cost marketing and enrollment management tools. We make it easier for programs to connect with families seeking care, manage enrollment, and fill their seats faster. 

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