Real-time data & insights on the state of child care across the U.S.

Data and strong execution together can create massive change. And while amazing work is happening daily across the country by early childhood advocates, we recognized that the industry needs access to real-time insights to continue their policy and program advocacy with data-driven solutions.

We’re honored to partner with these amazing advocates nationwide to provide real-time supply and demand data (such as open spots by age and subsidy enrollment) to make an even bigger impact on the lives of children and families.

But we don’t think you have to be a partner of ours to get some of these insights. So we are living out our company values of collaboration and open-sourced thinking to bring the early education field across the country some of our data, examples of data-driven solutions being executed, and much more.

We’re on a mission to connect families and child care providers in a seamless way, helping programs stay full and keeping families in the workforce. Join us by subscribing to this community and staying in touch so we can be a part of the change, together.

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